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What is Xpages in Lotus Domino Applications Development?

 Flexible document based datastore (NoSQL)

Easy deployment model

Work with applications offline

What is XPages in IBM Lotus Notes?

Advanced Application Platform

 ■      Rapid, visual development

`   There's a reason why companies have 1000s of Domino apps

XPages – Designed for Today's Web

Visual Web page construction

Native support for Ajax behaviors

Comes with Dojo JavaScript library

How do you build Xapges Applications?

Primarily with Domino Designer

 Various entry points and skills

Why Modernize with XPages?

Lowest risk, highest ROI

Localization – much easier to deliver support for multiple languages Accessibility - Easier to comply with standards (W3C ARIA / JAWS) Integration

Optimize your application

l   Improve usability

Web 2.0 Development Tools

l   Over 100 Web 2.0 tags !!!

Dojo wrappers

Get Started with XPagesExt.nsf

Learn even more from the TeamRoom and Discussion templates

Features a new mobile UI

Build new and extend the reach of existing applications to smart phones and tablets

Enable templates with mobile access

Extend the XPages framework to support mobile web browsers

Domino/XPages Social Futures Creating OpenSocial Gadgets

OpenSocial gadgets can be used in 2 contexts

Provided as an extension to the component model

Will be delivered as part of a future extlib release