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"Why Domino?" by management and it can be difficult to provide them with information to answer the question in an easy to understand format. I know there are new slides showing ROI etc, but those points don't readily translate into why - especially if a company doesn't already have a huge investment in Domino. IBM used to provide business partners with documents providing feature comparisons in order to help sell the product, but for some unknown reason didn't make them generally available. In order to help non business partners (ie developers and admins) sell Domino within their organizations, we really need some detailed feature comparisons between Domino and some of the other more popular tools in the market place now. Managers don't think twice about bringing well known/popular products because that's "what everyone else" is using. Going off the beaten path with a product that's generally considered "old and out of date" is a much harder sell. As you move towards V11, please do some head to head comparisons with Sharepoint, MongoDb, etc