TrePium Technologies

Project Completed as Lotus Notes Consultant

Lotus Domino V10 SME and Consultant

IBM Lotus Sametime 8.5.3

Lotus Quickr 8.5.1

Lotus Connection 5.0.1

 Lotus Notes/ Xpages Development:

Lotus Notes DAOS deployment

Prerequisites :
1. Disable SCOS Shared Mail.
2. Enable transaction logging
3. Establish backup/restore processes.
4. Upgrade Names.nsf design.

Additional recommendations
1. Enable LZ1 compression.
2. Enable design and data document compression.
3. Use Domino Domain Monitoring (DDM).

4. Customer Testing

Steps to DAOS Deployment :
4.1 Identifying NSF Files that will participate in DAOS
4.2 Running the DAOS estimator
4.3 Choosing a DAOS minimum participation size
4.4 Planing for disk space
4.5 Choosing a deferred deletion interval
4.6 Deciding on encryption for NLO files
4.7 Updating backup/restore processes
4.8 Deciding the method of enabling DAOS on NSF files
4.9 Considering DAOS deployment on hub or gateway servers