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Notes Hub SMTP Server Migration Steps

There are 2 HUB servers naming Server1 and Server2, we will be migrating them to Data Center by following the below steps

  1. Stop Domino Server in Client DC.
  2. Copy the Domino Data folder and Notes.ini to New host in the DC by using Robocopy.
  3. Make configuration changes i.e. update notes.ini with new IP address in new host.
  4. Run Offline maintenance on all copied databases (Compact, Fixup and Updall).
  5. Start the Domino server.
  6. Health check the server.
  7. Update the DNS with new IP address and DNS name and update all Domino connection documents.
  8. Create connection documents for the two servers (OLD and NEW). This will be used for replication. (Make the interval short)
  9. Replicate names.nsf to both servers double check if the changes are replicated.
  10. Add ADMINP_EXCHANGE_ALL_UNREAD_MARKS=1 in the notes.ini of OLD server.
  11. Now replicate the admin4.nsf to all the IBM Domino servers in the domain.
  12. After the replication is complete, stop the services on the old servers. HUB Server Inventory-

Server Name



1.1.2 SMTP Servers-

There are 2 servers Server3 and Server4 that will connect to other Domino servers and provide mail routing to external Mail Gateway. These SMTP servers are placed behind Load Balancer, so that all connections from external Gateway and non-Domino servers are routed through the Citrix Netscaler Load Balancer.

The Load Balancer will be in operation and will be configured with the Server3 IP Addresses for SMTP transmissions. With this configuration in place, both Server3 and Server4 will remain active as a Domino cluster and the Load Balancers will also provide a redundant high availability configuration. Should one of the SMTP Servers, or Load Balancers suffer a downtime, the mail routing will automatically failover to the remaining systems.

The steps to be followed are as below- SMTP Server Inventory-

Server Name



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