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Lotus Notes Traveler Migartion & IBM Traveler Consulting

IBM Traveler software is a push email product that provides a full featured e-mail access for Lotus Notes users using supported mobile devices which includes both smart phones and tablets. Lotus Notes Traveler wirelessly synchronizes email, calendar, contacts, journal and to-do data with an IBM Lotus Domino server without compromise the security aspects of an organization. Lotus Notes Traveler software provides following features:

Lotus Notes Traveler architecture

Lotus Notes Traveler is installed on a Lotus Domino server and runs as a separate add-in task. Having a dedicated Lotus Notes Traveler infrastructure is preferable, so nothing else should be deployed on the Lotus Notes Traveler servers to ensure adequate system resources are available. Each mobile device has a either Lotus Notes Traveler client (Google Android, Symbian Nokia and Windows Mobile) or profile (Apple iOS) installed which communicates with the Lotus Notes Traveler server overhttp or https. All mobile devices have to download the Lotus Traveler client, except for Apple devices which download a configuration a profile to the device and use the native iOS email client. The following components are involved when a user accesses the Lotus Notes Traveler server;

Steps for Traveler server Migration

We are recommended below steps, when moving to an HA Pool or single server, to use Enterprise DB to assist the process. 
This results in the least amount of down time, but requires additional equipment setup for the administrator. 
To do so, perform the following procedure:


Steps for IBM Traveler Server Migration on 9.0


Installation and configuration Domino 9.0 version


Installing a IBM Traveler Server 9.0.1


IBM Traveler server settings


Manually configuring the HTTP server


HTTP authentication


Configuring the IBM Traveler High Availability Pool


Setting auto sync options


Tuning performance of the server


Configuring ports for a partition


Securing the device connection


Converting Notes document links to web links


Setting the external server URL


Name lookup


IBM Notes Traveler Companion security settings


Configuring the server for Certificate Based Authentication with Android devices


IBM Traveler Upgrade plan