TrePium Technologies

Installation and configuration of RightFax Lotus Notes Integration v9.4

"RightFax Server installation
1) RightFax Server Version 9.4 (x86)
2) License for Notes Gateway

Lotus Notes Client Requirement:
1) Supported Domino Environment R6.5, R7.0, R8.0and R8.5 or R9.0
2) Lotus Notes Client installed and configured on RightFax Server
3) One dedicated Lotus Notes account on Same Domino Server where Foreign Domain created
4) Foreign Domain name, must be unique in Domino environment
Lotus Notes Permission Requirement:
The person performing the install and Notes configuration must have the following access rights:
1) Reader rights in the ACL of the NAB.
2) Ability to run unrestricted Lotus Script and Java agents on the Domino server that will host the module
databases. (same has been used during RightFax EFM Sync Database maintenance)
3) Manager with Delete rights in the ACL of all RightFax-Notes database
Each fax user must have:
1) Manager access in the ACL of their mail database. iNotes users must have a minimum of Editor access
and the ability to run unrestricted Lotus Script and Java agents on the host Domino server.

On Domino Server
Before starting RightFax-Notes installation process complete below steps on Domino Server:
1) Create One Dedicated Notes Account
2) Assign required rights to Dedicated Notes Account on Domino Server
3) Create one new folder on Domino server in Data directory as RightFax
4) Create Foreign Domain and assign Gateway Server Name (must be same on which Notes Account is
located) and Gateway mail file name as RightFax\RFAXBODY.NSF"