Lotus Notes to Sharepoint Migration

IBM Domino Access Services are REST services that provide a standard way of accessing Domino resources over HTTP. Applications that use REST services use HTTP requests to post data (create and/or update), read data (for example, make queries), and delete data. REST services use HTTP for all create, read, update, and delete operations.

Lotus Notes to Sharepoint Migration Now Easy

The services that are currently available with IBM Domino Access Services are the following::

  • Core service - This REST API provides access to resources not specific to any one service domain. For example, most applications have a requirement to read information about authenticated user passwords (last change date, expiration date, etc). Since this requirement is not specific to any one particular REST service (calendar, mail, etc.), this feature is included in the Core services. The resources currently available from the Core services include the password statistics resource (pwstats) and nonce resource.
  • Data service - This is a REST API that accesses databases on Domino servers. The Domino data service receives requests and sends responses using HTTP and HTTPS protocols with body content in JSON format. The data service allows you to obtain information on databases, views, folders, and documents. You can update, add, and delete documents.
  • Calendar service - This is a REST API that provides resources and methods to access calendar data. The service represents calendar data in both JSON and iCalendar format.
  • Example :Suppose we have two database one for person details and other database is for address detail.Normal scenario we will be exporting the both database document in an excel and combined using primary key and provide an final excel to the user. here we can write the logic and combine the documents in a single JSON file. since it is a REST model any latest technology can consume it.
  • I have show you below sample REST Api model from domino, basically we can convert any document.

Services we offer

• We will be able to lead project and manage time in accordance with the project plan;

• Perform Requirements Gathering, Analysis and Documentation on projects as required;

• Decommission Notes apps (including archiving data if needed);

• Assist developers in the process of rewriting notes Apps in .Net or SharePoint;

• Perform tests according to a given test plan and document results;

• Perform basic support and debugging in test and production environments;

• Identify and escalate problems as required;

• Set appropriate expectations with clients

Technical Skills and Knowledge for our Developer

Expert knowledge in developing Lotus Notes Client based applications;

• Expert knowledge in building Lotus Domino Web-based applications; Domino Designer;

• Domino Formula Language, Lotuscript, JavaScript, and Java; JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, XSLT, CSS, HTML; We will able to work as a team or lead the team and communicate with other team members effectively

• Technology consulting experience; Strong presentation skills, consultative selling skills and Relationship skills

• Experience with working with Xpages

• Experience customizing SharePoint pages and workflow development using SharePoint 2010/2013 and Visual Studio
SharePoint 2010, SharePoint Designer 2010(Workflow/Page Customization/Search configuration/General site administration)

• Experience working with Office365

• Working knowledge developing with the different components of Azure

• Experience working with NodeJS

• Experience working with AngularJS

• Practice working with BackboneJS

• Experience working with PHP asset

• Knowledge of Windows Server and its different roles an asset

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