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Will GST be paid on Google Adsense Income?

Will GST be paid on Google Adsense Income?

Friends, in the last article, I told bloggers about giving 18% GST. Many bloggers are making income from AdSense, so they are thinking that there should not be a registrar for GST. Apart from this, bloggers with affiliate marketing are also slightly confused. Let’s talk solidly about this in less words.

When to give GST on Adsense Income?

If you create an Adsense account, you will have the option of taking the payment in rupees and your account comes with the money coming from Google Adsense. Not converting to the dollar, you have to give 18% GST in rupees.

Even if you do not get your income earning once a year, you will have to pay a total of 72 GST return in 12 months.

But one thing is clear, those whose accounts are converted into income dollars and converted to Rupees, they do not have to panic, they will get exemption from the Export of Services rules. Even if he had a money up to only 20 lakhs, then 18% GST would have to be given.

WebHosting server is in India then GST will be given

Exemption from the export of services rules will only be available if your site’s web hosting server is not in India. Starting now, bloggers who have purchased Indian servers can migrate to a US server website transfer. Otherwise, be prepared to give GST on your AdSense income. Be smart and give a different penalty.

Similarly, this rule applies to the rest of the ad network as well.

18% GST on Affiliate Marketing?

Most of the affiliate Digital marketing bloggers are affiliate marketing in India and overseas. If you are just marketing affiliate overseas then you will be protected from GST. But if you do affiliate marketing for India based companies, then you have to give 18% GST. There is no way to escape. It is compulsory to get GST registration on earnings from Amazon, Flipkart,, Hostgator.

Because these companies do business in India, therefore the rule of Export of Services will not be able to be found. If that company is not a registrar in your state.

The companies for which you are affiliates are talking about giving a GST registration number. If you do not register, then it will send 18% GST deduction. In this way you can avoid GST registration, but all companies will do this, nothing can be said.

18% GST on bloggers earning from the guest post?

Some of us earn from bloggers’ guest posts. They have their own network. If you are posting the guest you will know about it well. Even if you post a guest and you are coming from outside your state, 18% GST will be required. Take an example – I live in Lucknow and if I get a payment from Delhi to post a guest then it will be mandatory for me to get GST registration.


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