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TrePium.com is an online job search network.TrePium is recruitment express in hiring but also a forerunner in the application of the new web technologies of the corporate market. With a vision to fit the master minds into well-suited work blocks, TrePium.com provides you with a vast platform of job opportunities that tame up your career in a new direction. TrePium constantly applies new strategies to expend its offerings to seekers and employers. TrePium.com accumulates and fragments information, services and job opportunities with respect to different product as well as service based companies.

It keeps processes, technologies and infrastructures updated at their best to deliver the highest level of service and support to customers. TrePium has deepened its focus to reach local markets in all the Indian States, and help you to find the proper offer in just a few clicks!

From J2EE Developer to Business Analyst and from QA Analyst to Technical Project Manager, TrePium.com lists the job postings within different divisions at top companies. Celebrating a power landing into the corporate fields, TrePium.com has been erasing boundaries in provision of reliable livelihood to all the registered members.

We understand the necessity of a role and the key role played by that particular designation within the organization. Henceforth, TrePium.com extends its platform in colliding employers with their appropriate employees. TrePium Route you apply for the Job to be done! Your Search Ends With Us!

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  • Advertise A Job

    By using TrePium Finder you streamline the job posting process, and find results that are relevant to you, fast. Save yourself hours of trying to guess where your advert will gain the most exposure and get the results you need, and let us tell you.
  • CV Search

    Search and View the updated resumes of jobseekers for free, from the wide resume database of Trepium.com. At trepium.com, recruiters can instantly search resumes for free and find right talent with a single click process. For fast and exact search you can filter the results by selecting preferred skills, colleges, and city etc. For specific roles you can search resumes with the help of keywords. Not just that, you can save the resume for later review and screening. With PlacementIndia's advanced free resume search technology you can find resume free online and shortlist candidates as per the need of the employer.
  • Recruiter Profiles

    TrePium has established itself as a renowned name in the HR realm by providing wide range of recruitment and selection services to diverse companies. Our team of expert consultants is dedicated towards leveraging the business potential of our clients by offering strategic HR services.
  • Temp Search

    we know that a diverse team brings different perspectives and insight to our business, generating creativity, problem-solving and sustainability that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.
  • Display Jobs

    TrePium does not charge any fee for browsing or replying. 7 Listing fees are charged to the users who use the Premium Feature for listing their classifieds. We reserve the right to change the fee structure. We may introduce new services and modify some or all of the existing services offered on the site. The fee paid by you to avail the Premium Feature will not be refundable. If the posting is fraud / irrelevant, we will delete the ad and NOT REFUND the money.
  • For Agencies

    As a recruitment consultant you can choose the path your career takes. Want to lead a team of consultants and see them beat targets every quarter? Want to develop your career internationally? Want to be the highest biller?

    Choose a career with TrePium and you can. You’ll receive the best rewards and training & development opportunities in the industry, all supported by innovative, world leading technology.

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